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My story

The beginning

I've always had a thing for aesthetics. From a young age, I've been fascinated with skincare, and after developing dermatitis herpetiformis and having to give up gluten, I decided to share my findings with the rest of the world. Gleam premium derma clinic take pride in keeping up with the newest trends in order to be able to provide you with the expert care you deserve.

My vision

I believe that everyone should be allowed to feel confident and good in their skin, regardless of their age, sex, or social class. That's why I've worked hard to come up with different treatments that suit different skin needs, and budgets. When I see my clients smile when they look at themselves in the mirror after our sessions, I feel like I've been able to make the world just a little bit better.

Dr. Samina Saifi

Dr Samina Saifi have completed her education in Bachelors of Dental Surgery from Maharishi Markandeshwar University Mullana Ambala ;Haryana. She have also completed her Fellowship in medical cosmetology from Delhi. She have a experience of 6 years the work of improving the appearance of a customer's face, hair, or skin using make-up and beauty treatments

Samiya Khan

9 year experience in Plastic and cosmetic surgery department with B.L.K MAX hospital Delhi and 4 year experience with clinic Dermatech skin clinic

She has experience in treating both the dermatological and cosmetological problems. She provides the best skin solutions to using the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including aesthetic laser therapy, Hydra facial , organic skin peeling and smooth skin, and unwanted hair. Samiya khan is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and unsurpassed service with excellent cosmetic results at affordable prices. She attends regular scientific meetings to stay abreast of new developments

What I
believe in


Our products are 100% ecological and specially formulated to provide expert skin care while also caring for the planet.


With over a decade of hands-on experience in the field, all treatments are carried out in a safe and professional setting.


Our product line undergoes vigorous testing to ensure that no ingredient used causes any unwanted reactions on sensitive skin.


Our treatments and products are specially formulated to address the needs of different skin types, ranging from dry to combination.



Alpika is the best – I've been regularly seeing her for a month now and I've been able to seriously improve my cystic acne. She's professional and knows what she's doing.


I initially got referred to Gleam Premium Derma Clinic by my doctor, since I suffer from a psoriasis that's been difficult to manage with medication alone. Thanks to Kristine's know-how, we've been able to keep the flair-ups down for a year now.

Ishika Bhandari

I recently moved to the area and was looking for a beauty salon that would offer both body treatments and nail services. Kristine does both, and she does them well. Thanks girl!

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